Pyrenean Ibex

Extinction: 2000 

Survivor: First Aired in 2000

oil on canvas


Extinction: 1844

Railroad: Railway Regulation Act of 1844 

oil on canvas

Atlas Bear

Extinction: 1870s 

Telephone Pole: Telephone Invented in 1876

oil on canvas

Passenger Pigeon 

Extinction: 1914

WWI Telegraph Machine: Outbreak of WWI in 1914 

oil on canvas

Javan Tiger

Extinction: 1970s 

Joint: Controlled Substance Act of 1970

oil on canvas

Artist Statement

As we evolve as humans, the extinction rate for animals has skyrocketed around 1000 times higher than prior to human existence. This extreme rate is only expected to accelerate in the future.  We not only have become the cause for many of these species to become extinct, but the priorities in our lives have caused us to become apathetic.  My artwork focuses on the wildlife that have become extinct and incorporates them with the events happening during that time frame. These are the very events that have shifted our focus away from the fact that we are destroying entire species every day.  Each animal is paired with something society viewed as more important than them during the year they became extinct.  I hope this will veer our focus before we lose more treasured life that will never be able to be revived.